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Pokemon GO News: This Is How Big The Game Is

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Just how big Pokemon Go is given the hype and server downtimes we have been seeing in the past few days? We have some data here that put the magnitude of the game?s popularity in a humongous perspective.

Nintendo released on Thursday the game each Pokemon fan has been waiting for quite some time. Although the Android game is only available in three countries, New Zealand, United States and Australia, several news outlets have noted that the numbers that Pokemon Go has already recorded are pretty much surprising.

According to Similar Web, the game has already surpassed the numbers of Tinder in terms of Android Installs in the United States. Two days after the release of the game, it was already installed on 5.16 percent of all Android devices in the country. To put perspective to it, the number was certainly great as the report noted that on the first day alone, the game was already installed on more U.S. Android phones than Tinder.

Aside from Android Installs, the game also has gone close to the Twitter app with regards to the Daily Active Users. Similar Web revealed that over 60 percent of those who have downloaded the app in the U.S. are using it on a daily basis since its release, which would mean that around 3 percent of the whole U.S. Android users are playing the game. At this rate, Pokemon Go is expected to edge Twitter on Daily Active Users in the following days or weeks.

The United States is not the only country which experiences the Pokemon Go fever. Recently, analysts at Macquarie revealed that the game is already pegged as the second highest grossing game after just a day of release in Australia. But what is more surprising is that it only costs A$0.99, which would mean that it is not the big spenders who have put the game on top but a large number of users.

?The really interesting thing is that this all happened without much promotion. The game has done all this – getting to the top of the download rankings – by itself and that shows you the power of the brand. It?s encouraging because it shows that strongly branded IP will be successful in the App store,? David Gibson said, an analyst at Macquarie.

Pokemon Go has definitely become a household name just a few days after its official release in three countries, and these statistics would not lie about how well Android users have welcomed the game. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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