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Pokemon GO: New PokeMap And PokeVision Alternative Shows Better Real Time Spawns?

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There are a lot of things worrying Pokemon GO players now, and most of their concerns are with regards to just how difficult it is to track down Pokemon and encounter them. The problem roots from Niantic?s recent removal of the three-step feature in Pokemon Nearby. In addition to that, it also called for the shutdown of the beloved PokeVision app. Players are left Pokemon tracker-less, but it?s not necessarily a bad thing as some programmers have stepped up to create promising Pokemon locators.

Redditor gaiagis recently shared a screencap of a mobile-friendly web application called PokeTrail. According to the Redditor, this app delivers real-time data on the location of Pokemon as well as PokeStops and Pokemon Gym locations.

This image below shows the early build of PokeTrail and some pretty interesting details. Aside from the location of the important things in Pokemon GO, players are also given an estimate of just how far they are from the Pokemon, making it easier to get to it. Of course, spawn times are also given in the web app.

PokeVision was good and all, so players opted to use it over Pokemon Nearby, but what makes PokeTrail as good as PokeVision is that it can deliver data in real time. This means players no longer have to worry about getting to a Pokemon only to come up short of its spawn time.

The app was in the beta field testing period a few days ago, and according to the creators of PokeTrail, things are going smoothly, except for a few minor issues. As of now, the developer said that Pokemon GO players can expect a beta account signup within the next 24 hours so they can get their hands on the app early on. Players should move fast though as there will only be limited beta signups and it?ll come at a first come, first served basis.

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