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Pokemon GO New Nearby Feature: How To Get The Most Out Of The Updated Tracker

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Pokemon GO

In a surprising move by Niantic, players are now left with a tracker-less Pokemon Nearby feature in Pokemon GO. Thanks to its clunky launch version, Pokemon Nearby?s three-step feature was recently removed through an update. While the gameplay is now more significantly difficult as compared to the previous game version, there?s still a few ways to make the new Nearby feature work.

After the update, Pokemon will appear on the Nearby feature in a minimum of 200 meters from the player. For it to appear on the map, players need to be at least 70 meters from the Pokemon. These data are pretty helpful on their own as players can at least estimate where a Pokemon is.

Redditor pulsivesilver said that ?now that we are certain it’s in a 200m radius you can kind of estimate where something is IF you see it appear on your nearby list (and I mean you are staring at your nearby list and then it appears in front of your eyes). If you were moving in a straight line you know it’s in a 200m arc in front of you from the spot it appeared on your list. (However it may have just spawned anywhere within 200m of you as well).?

What he means is that once Pokemon appear in the Nearby feature, it?s likely that it?ll be in front of the Pokemon GO player. The best route to take once the desired Pokemon appears on the Nearby list is simply move forward or to whatever direction the player is facing when the Nearby feature worked.

Since the range is now 70 meters, players need to be wary of moving too fast as the Pokemon might disappear on the map very quickly. It?s better to walk at a steady pace to actually keep track of the Pokemon and not lose it. As with other Pokemon catching tips, it?s better to use items like the Incense to make it a bit easier. Those still having a hard time can use alternatives to PokeVision in Pokemon GO.

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