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Pokemon GO New Hack Warning: DDOS Attack Imminent in 2 Weeks?

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Pokemon GO has opened a whole Pandora?s Box of crazy, amusing and scary things. Pokemon GO had been used for crimes like robbery. It also started getting kids going out and exploring. It also caused many people to find bodies lying around in a park and one in a brook. The game is quite new but it already has a lot of impact–both good and bad. If you for some weird reason do not know of the game, here?s a video where comedian Brian Redban explains to Joe Rogan what Pokemon GO is and the crazy things that have happened because of it.

The level of the accuracy and timeliness of information that the app collects is quite staggering. In just a few days, the developers have amassed a great deal of information about the whereabouts of people and maybe even photos of their homes. This is quite scary for many as this could end up, as it probably already has, as a security threat.

This is mere speculation but this could be one of the reasons why a hacking group named PoodleCorp allegedly attacked Pokemon GO. The Pokemon GO servers crashed last Saturday, July 16. PoodleCorp appeared to have claimed that they had done it via the ?DDoS? or ?Distributed Denial of Service? attack via a tweet.


They also listed Pokemon GO as their most recent victim in their Used&Abused list of online services. Other sites that they claimed to have hacked was the League Of Legends. The game, according to their account, was also ?DDoSed? last June 26. Attacks on Battle.Net, LeafyIsHere and StreamMe are also being claimed by the hacking group.

The web is kind of split on this one though. Some believed that they really did do the attacks while some chuck it up as a normal server issue–it?s just way too many people logging in and wanting to play the game.

If we look at the official tweets of Pokemon GO, it seems to look like some server issues.

Also, it seemed that they have fixed the server problems without mentioning any hacking involved.

A popular Twitter account thought that PoodleCorp did not have anything to do with the crash.

But one cryptic tweet from PoodleCorp targets August 1 for another crash.


If this would happen, there?s a strong chance that indeed PoodleCorp have had a hand in the previous crash. If not, well, these crashes are just likely to happen as a lot of people just want to play the game. So, mark your calendar for August 1, maybe the game?s server would crash, maybe it wouldn?t.

Stay tuned for more Pokemon GO updates.

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