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Pokemon GO: New Easter Egg Theories You Should Try

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Pokemon GO

Despite its focus on catching Pokemon, Pokemon GO still has a lot of room to reward experimental and adventurous players with Easter Eggs. Pokemon GO Easter Eggs are useful in the game, so it?s definitely handy to uncover them. Fans already have some suggestions and pending studies on some Easter Eggs. Here are some of them.

Changing Colors Menu Codes?

Previously, some Pokemon GO players discovered a trick that changes the colors of the buttons in the menu. Aside from changing the color, pressing the changed menu buttons won?t lead the player to their intended screens. Fans speculate that this Easter Egg wants the player to input some sort of code into the menu to trigger its secret. So far, players have tried the famous Konami code into the Easter Egg, but nobody has managed to uncover it yet.

Pokemon Universe References

Due to the nature of the Eevee Evolution Easter Egg, naming your Pokemon in certain ways may give players special yields in the game. Giving your Pokemon some of the name of the trainers and their Pokemon in the animated series or the original games may slightly alter their growth. Currently, fans are busy doing trial and error experiments on which names work, like naming their Charmander ?Zippo? in reference to Ash?s lookalike in the animated series. If you still remember any names related to certain Generation 1 Pokemon, it might be time to bust them out and discover an Easter Egg bonus.

Real Life Easter Eggs

Fans have also confirmed a Hitmonlee Pokemon GO Nest in Seattle. Famous martial artist Bruce Lee?s grave is located in that state, so Niantic may have put up a Hitmonlee nest up there as tribute. If you know any other Pokemon that is somehow linked to a real world figure, you may try to find that Pokemon in that person?s hometown or final resting place. Additionally, keep an eye out for real world events like conventions in your area, as some may have a temporary Pokemon GO nests for their attendees to enjoy.

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