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Pokemon GO: New Easter Egg Discovered By Fans

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Pokemon GO

Recently, the randomized Eevee evolution problem was fixed through an Easter Egg discovery in Pokemon GO. Meanwhile, some fans on Reddit has discovered yet another Easter Egg in Niantic?s Pokemon game. Will it be another game changer?

According to the Pokemon GO Reddit thread from BroDallas, the game?s menu switches colors if you hold down the Poke Ball button which brings you to the Menu screens. BroDallas said that the game?s buttons will now have different colors and won?t bring you to the intended screens if pressed. Fans speculate that there may be a hidden Easter Egg functionality in the buttons.

On the same thread, some players are seeing some uses of these buttons. Some players have noted that a Pokemon spawned when they started fiddling with the supposed Easter Egg buttons. We?ll have to wait and see if fans find anything new about this supposed Easter Egg issue.

Previously, a major Eevee Evolution problem was solved by a single Easter Egg referencing the Pokemon animated series. Apparently, evolving an Eevee that has a name of the Eevee brothers in the Pokemon show will force its evolution according to that character?s Eevee. It?s possible that solving this speculated Pokemon GO menu Easter Egg may yield something beneficial for the game?s players.

Currently, the game has a lot of hidden systems, and Niantic has confirmed that there are more Easter Eggs in the game. Some crucial info to the game?s competitive system like Pokemon GO?s Individual Values was discovered by data miners as it was a ?hidden? value in the game. Additionally, the official Support site of the game only discusses some of the basic gameplay systems.

More than its social gameplay, digging through the game?s files may be part of the mobile title?s design due to Niantic?s slightly ?digital and sci-fi? setting in Ingress. Players may find an answer for the Pokemon GO menu Easter Egg through the game?s own files. However, data mining the game may actually be a violation of the game?s terms of service.


Fans have now flocked the internet in their bid to find more Easter Eggs in the game. A couple of new theories has popped up?and players are?trying everything to find Ditto.

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