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Pokemon GO New Ditto Theory: Use Ingress To Unlock The Rare Pokemon?

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Instead of searching for Pokemon to find and capture, players are now looking for Easter Eggs in Pokemon GO. Niantic recently confirmed that the Eevee renaming trick is actually true, which made some fans get the other evolutions of Eevee quite easily. Since Ditto is another missing Pokemon, fans are beginning to look out for theories on unlocking this little purple guy.

Redditor MageWalrus is a fan of Niantic?s other augmented reality title, Ingress. He recalled a little easter egg in Ingress that allowed players to get more rewards. By pressing down a portal, which is what PokeStops are in Pokemon GO, players will be prompted to play a glyph hacking minigame in a bid to earn more items. Since the AR Pokemon game follows a similar structure to Ingres, chances are that there might be a similar feature in the game.

There are several signs pointing to similar features existing in Pokemon GO. For example, like Ingress? minigame, the Pokemon GO menu also lights up when swiped. What adds Ditto into the fray is that the colors that appear are of the same scheme as the Pester Ball, which is a type of PokeBall that doesn?t catch Pokemon but instead releases a noxious gas.

It?s very unlikely that the menu pattern and features between Ingress and Pokemon GO were just designed to look similar to each other, so fans are now speculating that there is indeed a secret in that finally unlocks the missing Ditto.

MageWalrus tried entering several patterns on the menu in a bid to get Ditto but to no avail. However, the player stressed that there may be an actual hidden pattern that the player has to swipe to unlock Ditto, and he just hasn?t found it yet.

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