Pokemon GO: New Bugs And Issues Being Fixed By Niantic

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Pokemon GO

Niantic?s Pokemon GO has been plagued with bugs and glitches that have affected the player?s experience in the game. Some of the game?s bugs have been fixed such as the ?1HP Gym Battle? glitch which bars players from contesting gyms and winning battles. However, bugs and glitches didn?t stop the players from playing the game. Here?s what we know about the game?s issues so far.

According to Bear_Puppy?s thread on the Pokemon GO Reddit, Niantic has started dispensing out emails saying they assure players that a fix on the ?1 HP Gym Bug? is incoming. This fix will surely please players as it is causing a big frustration to those who encounter it.

The ?1HP Gym Battle? glitch prevents players from finishing up a defending Pokemon in a Gym. This bug prevents those players from claiming gyms as the game is inadvertently stuck in automated fighting, with the player?s active Pokemon trying to beat up a defending Pokemon that won?t get reduced to 0 HP. With this fix, players can now aim on defeating foes in Gyms without the fear of this happening. However, we?ve yet to confirm if a fix for the other looping Gym bug is incoming.

In light of the game?s buggy state, players may want some sort of item compensation for the quality of gameplay they?re experiencing right now. Due to the minimalist nature of Niantic?s Ingress game, we?ll have to see how they?ll reward their players for staying with them despite the bugs and issues in the game. Currently, the fanbase is still strong even with all the bugs and issues present.

Niantic has yet to officially announce the bug fixes which is their current focus at the moment. The developers will resume instating more servers for other countries once they?ve weeded off the major bugs and issues that the game currently has. Europe, Japan, and Asian countries are targeted as the next regions where Pokemon GO will be made available. Stay updated on Pokemon GO news here on TheBitBag.

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