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Pokemon GO Update: Major Pokemon GO Nest Migration Confirmed

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Pokemon GO has been one of the most popular mobile games since it was released last July. Niantic Labs, however, has not been resting on its laurels as the developers are always looking for updates to incorporate in the game. In addition to the Pokemon GO?update for the holidays, it appears Niantic Labs has added another one right under everyone?s noses. This comes from users that are reporting that a Pokemon GO nest migration has occurred.

Pokemon nests in the game are one of the important aspects that many players always take note of. Knowing where certain Pokemon spawn in areas nearby can come in very handy. This could help Pokemon GO trainers catch enough of the same Pokemon to make triggering an evolution a lot easier.

Pokemon GO Nest Migration

Pokemon GO Update

According to Express UK though, there was a major Pokemon GO nest migration that happened recently. This means that Pokemon nests, which players have knowledge of, may have already changed.

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The report mentions that several Pokemon GO trainers have reported the migration on The Silph Road subreddit. One user claimed that the Bulbasaur nest in Central Park in New York is now a Pidgey nest.


The latest nest migration is said to be the tenth one Niantic Labs has rolled out. This is certainly something Niantic Labs has focused on in order to keep Pokemon GO unpredictable.

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With the nest migration already implemented, Pokemon GO players would have to search for the new Pokemon nests in their area. It may be a hassle, but it is definitely something that keeps the game very interesting.


The Silph Road Nest Tracker

Those players who are too lazy to explore their areas though can just do the research on their computers. The Silph Road website collects user information to help make the nest locations available for users all over the world.

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