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Pokemon GO Nest Migration March 2017: Spawn Rotation Live! Shakes Up Gen 2 Spawns

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pokemon go nest migration
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Pokemon GO nest migration has always been a subject of discussion for fans of the hit mobile game. For those unaware, nest migration means that Niantic will be moving a bunch of Pokemon to different areas. It adds variety to the game, forcing players to get out of their comfort zone and explore every two weeks.

The Silph Road confirmed that the latest migration has now gone live. It’s been two weeks since the last rotation, so it looks like fans are in for another nest migration. It will be interesting to see how fans react to this, since some are likely grinding for candy or stardust. Either way, it was time for another shakeup, so fans better start looking for new Pokemon in their area.

Gen 2 Shakeup

During the last Pokemon GO nest migration, fans noticed a number of new Gen 2 monsters. If this next migration is anything like the previous one, we could see more Pokemon from Gen 2 appear. Monsters that were somewhat uncommon to players before could appear more regularly now, thanks to the nest migration.

Of course, this could be bad for some fans, since they might be trying to evolve some of their Pokemon. This is why they were advised to save their candies, but they can always explore and look for more Pokemon. Then again, this will last for two weeks, so players should make the most out of the time they have.

As of writing, some players have reported seeing their nests changed to spawn more gen 2 starter Pokemon, namely Totodile and Cyndaquil. Other changes include nests having Chikorita, Kabuto, and Aipom.

Gotta Catch Em All

Now that the Pokemon GO nest migration is underway, players should go and see which monsters are going to appear. There will probably be some familiar faces, but also new ones that could be helpful to some players. The best way for players to know is to go out and see which Pokemon appear in their game.

While not as popular, the 80 new Pokemon did help the mobile game regain some of it’s fans. Gen 2 is a favorite among many, since it was the first time new Pokemon were added to the lore. Most fans also consider Pokemon Gold and Silver to be the best sequels in the series, gaining plenty of acclaim.

Fans can go out and look for new creatures now, thanks to the Pokemon GO nest migration. The game itself is available now on iOS and Android as a free download, so everyone can enjoy it. Players are hoping to see a major update hit the game soon, with one that will overhaul the gym system soon.

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