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Pokemon GO Nest Migration Coincides With Water Festival Event And New Shiny Spawns

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pokemon go nest migration
Promotional image for the Pokemon GO Water Festival. [Image from Pokemon GO Facebook page]

The latest Pokemon GO nest migration begins, just in time to coincide with the recently announced Water Festival event. Nest migrations are usually good, since they mix things up for the game and arguably making it more interesting. This migration seems to be more interesting than usual, since players have gotten some shiny Pokemon out of it.

Fans have posted their findings on The Silph Road and they’re mostly pleased, though the influx of Slowpokes has ticked some off. Still, fans seem to be having a blast with the Water Festival event, which is set to go for a week. That should be enough time to evolve their favorite Water-type, or maybe even get a shiny version of a Pokemon.

Shiny! Like a Treasure From a Sunken Pirate Wreck

Some fans have found Venonats and Slowpokes thanks to the Pokemon GO nest migration, while others have been luckier. The migration, plus the Water Festival event, has lead to fans finding a shiny Magikarp, which is great. If players manage to evolve their shiny Magikarp, they will get the fan favorite Red Gyrados in their party.

Fans of Pokemon Gold and Silver have fond memories of Red Gyrados, one of the rare monsters of the game. Admittedly, there was nothing particularly different about this version of the Pokemon aside from his color, but it looked cool. Certain players have been able to find this rare variant, so expect a number of Red Gyrados in gyms soon.

Water Week

Given the timing of the Water Festival event and the shiny Magikarp, it seems safe to call this Pokemon GO nest migration a success. Since the Water Festival event is only going to last a week, players better hope to find a shiny Magikarp soon. It’s not clear if these shiny variants will be available post-Water Festival, so players need to take advantage of this.

Overall, it seems like both the event and migration are going well with fans of the game, which is good. It’s no secret that the game isn’t the worldwide phenomenon it once was, but the title does have fans who still play it. With an April Fools day event possibly coming, it seems like the game is regaining some much needed momentum.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices, so everyone can join in on the fun. The title is a free download, but money can be used to buy items and bag space for even more Pokemon.

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