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Pokemon GO: Nest Locator, Trading, And More Third Party Apps Fans Want

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Pokemon GO

With Pokemon GO third party apps being developed here and there, some players get to play the game much easier than when it launched a few weeks ago. PokeVision, Heatmap, and Notifications for Pokemon GO are just some of the third party apps that make Pokemon catching a little easier for everyone, but there are a few missing features from the game that we?d want to have as a little helper as well. Here are top 3 Pokemon GO third party apps that should be developed soon.

Pokemon Nests Locator

One of the most coveted areas in Pokemon GO are Pokemon Nests. These areas are filled with several of one type of Pokemon, so those looking to evolve or power up one specific creature will have their work cut out for them. The Silph Road is currently working on a Nest Locator but it?s not yet available to the public yet. Meanwhile Heatmap and PokeVision should help in somewhat tracking down possible Nest locations but they aren?t that reliable when it comes to pinpointing Nests.

Pokemon Gym Scouter

Gym battling is one of the core features in the game, and while players can check out a Pokemon Gym first before attacking it, players are limited to check out Gyms that are in their proximity only. We?re hoping that a developer out there can create a Pokemon Gym Scouter that allows us to check out other Gyms from afar so we can plan out which Gyms we can dominate while going somewhere.

Pokemon Trader

Niantic promised that trading will be part of Pokemon GO in the future, and it?s very likely that trading will only be limited to players who are near each other. This means players from different parts of the world can?t trade with each other. With region-exclusive Pokemon existing in the game, it would be handy to have a trader app that allows players to trade Pokemon with players from other regions so they can also get Farfetch?d, Tauros, Kanghaskhan or Mr. Mime.

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