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Pokemon GO Nest: All Changes After Niantic?s August Update

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Pokemon GO

Rare Nests are still one of the most sought after locations in Pokemon GO. These hard to come by areas are particularly useful as they allow the player to catch many Pokemon of a specific specie. A few players may have noticed a change in the Pokemon GO Nest in their area and that?s because there?s a change to the game again.

Redditor Zatetics recently shared all the recent Pokemon GO Nest migrations. They are as follows:

  • ????????Bulbasaur to Bulbasaur/Charmander
  • ????????Ekans to Pikachu
  • ????????Pikachu to Sandshrew
  • ????????Nidoran? to Nidoran?
  • ????????Clefairy to Vulpix
  • ????????Vulpix to Jigglypuff
  • ????????Jigglypuff to Vulpix
  • ????????Oddish to Paras
  • ????????Venonat to Diglett
  • ????????Diglett to Meowth
  • ????????Meowth to Psyduck
  • ????????Psyduck to Staryu
  • ????????Mankey to Growlithe
  • ????????Growlithe to Poliwag
  • ????????Poliwag to Abra
  • ????????Machop to Bellsprout
  • ????????Bellsprout to Tentacool
  • ????????Tentacool to Geodude
  • ????????Geodude to Ponyta
  • ????????Ponyta to Slowpoke
  • ????????Slowpoke to Magnemite
  • ????????Magnemite to Seel/Doduo
  • ????????Doduo to Seel
  • ????????Seel to Shellder
  • ????????Shellder to Gastly
  • ????????Gastly to Drowzee/Onix
  • ????????Onix to Drowzee/Krabby
  • ????????Drowzee to Krabby/Voltorb
  • ????????Krabby to Exeggcute/Voltorb
  • ????????Voltorb to Cubone/Exeggcute
  • ????????Exeggcute to Cubone/Rhyhorn
  • ????????Cubone to Rhyhorn/Horsea
  • ????????Rhyhorn to Horsea/Goldeen
  • ????????Horsea to Staryu
  • ????????Goldeen to Scyther
  • ????????Staryu to Jynx
  • ????????Scyther to Electabuzz/Jynx
  • ????????Jynx to Magmar/Electabuzz
  • ????????Electabuzz to Magmar/Pinsir
  • ????????Magmar to Magikarp
  • ????????Magikarp to Omanyte
  • ????????Eevee to Kabuto

It?s worth noting that there are a few missing Pokemon from the list. That?s either because the player hasn?t discovered it yet or the Pokemon GO Nest migration isn?t confirmed yet. Dratini nests are still missing, but some players speculate that it will no longer make a comeback to make acquiring a Dragonite much harder than usual.

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