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Pokémon GO Needs A Story Mode

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Niantic’s augmented reality title based on the Pokemon franchise was one of the most popular video games back in 2016. To this day, the game has a devoted fan base that keeps on coming back for more. While not as popular as before, it’s still one of the most played mobile games and Niantic needs to add one particular feature to maintain its relevance and encourage newcomers to try it. 

To keep the player base of Pokemon GO glued, Niantic has recently been holding a ton of events for the game. The events aren’t that special though as players are just given a few bonuses for playing the game. Every event, the formula is the same; players will have a better chance of capturing a specific Pokemon-type. It’s a formula that players could soon get tired of.

If Niantic really wants to keep their player base in high numbers, or even increase it, the best they could do is introduce a tangible end goal to purse rather than simply “being the best” or “catching ’em all.” A story mode is what the game needs and it should be implemented once Legendary Pokemon arrive in the game.

Possibly one of the reasons why some gamers didn’t stick to Pokemon GO is its lack of story. Niantic’s mobile title simply throws players into the fray with the sole objective of catching Pokemon and teaming up with real life players to improve their team. In the Pokemon RPGs, this is considered as “end-game content,” which is done once the player is already done with the game’s main story.

As crazy as it sounds, a story mode would perfectly fit in Pokemon GO. Niantic could give players their own unique experiences through the landmarks and areas accessible. To execute this, players should be tasked with going from one point to another to progress the story. To make it less of a hassle to complete the story mode, players should be given the option to complete it whenever they choose to.

Each of the Pokemon RPGs has a fairly simple storyline which sees the player take on the Pokemon league of his/her region. The player is, of course, sidetracked by a shady organization. This can be put into Pokemon GO and it would give Niantic the opportunity to introduce bosses, Gym Badges, and global rankings. If these features are added to the game, then it would feel more like a Pokemon RPG, which is a franchise that fans have been very accustomed to. 

It might not take long before players get tired of the same formula with the events. And after the Legendary Pokemon are introduced, players have nothing new to do in the game again. A Gym rework will spice things up soon but it will likely simply enhance competitive battles than offer something refreshing and attractive to burned-out Pokemon GO players. A simple but lengthy story mode would give players more reason to play the game.

Niantic already has their lineup of major updates for the game ready this 2017 and it includes the Gym rework, Legendary Pokemon, trading, and several others more. A story mode is something Niantic should consider for 2018.

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