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Pokemon GO Nearby Update: New Visible Range For Capturing Pokemon

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Pokemon GO

Niantic recently removed the three step bug in Pokemon GO by completely removing the Pokemon tracker in the game. Players are left with Pokemon Nearby, a feature that doesn?t reveal how far or near a Pokemon is but only shows the Pokemon that are in proximity. This led to some confusion on how far Pokemon actually appear on the Nearby list.

Redditor pulsivesilver dove into the game?s codes to see just how far or near the player must be for the Pokemon to appear in the Nearby list. The codes state, ?poke_nav_range_meters: 201.0? and ?pokemon_visible_range: 70.0.? Data is measured in meters, and these codes mean several things.

For starters, the Pokemon visible range before the update was actually 100 meters, and it was dropped down to 70 meters. What this means is that Pokemon will disappear on the map once they exceed the 70-meter radius. This would result in significantly fast-moving trainers, like those on vehicles, as they?ll have smaller distance and time to cover before the Pokemon disappears on their map. This also means that players have to move closer to a Pokemon before it appears on the map.

Meanwhile, the other data is the measurement of how far a player should be from the Pokemon before it appears on the Nearby list. It?s still a big radius that could easily be of help to players, but without the three-step feature, players can?t determine exactly how far they have to go before the Pokemon appears on the map. With the new 70-meter radius, things get more complicated.

The Pokemon GO update is more of a problem than an improvement on the end of players as catching Pokemon is now way difficult. We can expect Niantic to bring back the Nearby feature a couple of weeks from now, and hopefully, it?ll be new and improved.

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