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Pokemon GO Nearby Tracker: How New Feature Differs From Earlier Versions

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Now, we can stop whining about the Niantic crack down on tracking apps. A Pokemon GO nearby tracker has arrived. Well, we can still whine if we want to as it is still in beta testing. But it has a lot of promise and you will not need to download any third-party apps to play. The new Pokemon GO Nearby tracker seems pretty helpful.

Nearby was a function in the original version of Pokemon GO. It, though, was turned off as glitches were reported as recounted by Helena Horton of Telegraph. In the first version of the nearby function, sometimes every single Pokemon appear to be three footprints away regardless of its actual distance. Now, Niantic appears to be fixing this or may ?have fixed this already because it is released in beta. The beta, by the way, seems to have been rolled out in San Francisco and London.

The Nearby tracker shows Pokemons near to certain Pokestops. You will see the Pokestop right behind the Pokemon. Here?s a video on a tweet to demonstrate what it looks like.

There is also a Sightings function. This shows nearby Pokemons that are not near Pokestops. They will have a grass graphic behind them. This means that you would need to go find them yourself without any in-game help.

One cool thing about the new Pokemon GO update is that the sighting function will not show Pokemons who already have disappeared from the area. This will save you time and the effort of looking for a Pokemon that has ?left? a long while ago. Also, the tracking drawer will not show a Pokemon you?re tracking once you have moved a reasonable distance away. You will also receive a notification when a Pokemon that you are actively tracking disappears.

The new update also reintroduces the battery saving mode. One can enable it by turning their phones upside-down while playing the game. The screen will then dim but your phone will buzz when a Pokemon is near.

There is no news yet when these new functions will get rolled-out in other parts of the world.

What do you think of the new Pokemon GO nearby tracker and sighting functions? Will you be using the battery-saving mode? Or do you like to stare on your screen while walking?

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