Pokemon GO Nearby: How Long Pokemon Spawn And Despawn From The Nearby List

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Now that you know the Pokemon Nearby feature of Pokemon GO, you should now learn to time your adventures so that you don?t waste energy and battery for today?s biggest craze. This time around, we will let you know how long Pokemon spawn and despawn in an area to see how you should time your runs.

Redditor StorMPunK recently studied how long Pokemon disappear and reappear in one area after finding out that the Pokemon Nearby app is a bit faulty and unreliable as it shows delayed information on the current creatures in one area. This means that players might be encountering different Pokemon instead of the ones shown at the Nearby feature due to the lag.

The Redditor?s study reveals several things that might be useful in the game. A Pokemon ?despawns or disappears 15 minutes after spawning in one area. In such a short time frame, you should quickly try and catch your target Pokemon as you might not know exactly when it spawned. It?s also worth noting that some Pokemon stay longer in an area as compared to others, but there?s no definite reason for now.

It also takes at least a minute for a Pokemon to appear in the Pokemon GO Nearby feature after respawning, so that?s one less minute in getting the Pokemon. The study also reveals that the Pokemon don?t move, and they stay in one set area until they spawn again, so it?s better to stay close to an area instead of travelling bigger distances.

When it comes to several players in an area, they shouldn?t be too worried about the Pokemon running out as despawn times stay the same. Check in on us here on TheBitbag from time to time for more updates on the features and mechanics of Pokemon GO to make your trainer journey much easier.

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