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Pokemon GO Nearby Feature: Niantic Working On Solution, New Features Coming Soon

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Niantic already closed all the third party apps that used to run on Niantic?s API. The company in its latest update letter confirmed that it is hearing fans? requests about the nearby feature in Pokemon GO and is working on a solution. Niantic asks fans to share their feedback about the mobile app and it has also confirmed that it will add new features as soon as the servers get stabilized.

Recently, Niantic spoke about the reasons behind shutting down support for third party apps including Pokemon GO spawn locators and other applications. On the company?s official website, Niantic CEO John Hanke reiterates the previous statement the company released. The latest statement from CEO himself suggests that the company is listening to fans and will remain strict on the third party apps and cheaters.

Hanke writes, Niantic aims to deliver the same experience it has provided with Ingress. The company is waiting for the game to get stable, so that the developers can implement fixes and can add new features. The removal of footsteps from nearby tracker brought a lot of criticism to the developer. Players were not happy with the removal of one of the major features of the game.

At the same time when the nearby tracker was compromised, Niantic shut down the apps like PokeVision that were helping players locate rare Pokemon spawns accurately. However, the game still plagued with problems, as the latest update could not address all of them, Niantic is now standing strong against spoofers and cheaters.

Hanke recently confirmed that a solution to ban the players who spoof their location is coming soon. According to Niantic, such activities has caused the company a lot and majority of issues players have been facing with the game has been caused by such unethical tactics. So, it has become important for the company to dismantle the risks to deliver fair gameplay experience.

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