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Pokemon GO Nearby Feature Is Inferior To Niantic’s Ingress

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Pokemon GO

The Pokemon GO Nearby feature is currently broken, forcing thousands of players to use other alternatives available on the Internet to track Pokemon spawns accurately. However, even if Niantic were to fix this feature, there are a lot more improvements it needs as the company introduced a much better and easier tracking system for Ingress.

Ingress players may remember the feature-rich compass in Niantic?s previous mobile game. Ingress features a tracking system that allows players to understand their movements better than Pokemon GO. Ingress players can easily track the direction they are heading to and the direction they are facing. On the other hand, the nearby feature in Pokemon GO doesn?t make it clear which direction a player should go to find the Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is also plagued with bugs, and there are many issues that need to be fixed. Niantic is working on the solutions, but according to a Reddit user, Niantic has the technology in Ingress, and they could have simply used it in Pokemon GO.

In Niantic?s AR game, the Pokemon we see on the nearby tracker are not the same with the ones that spawn when a player starts walking. The feature is not optimized to provide a guided spot to the location. Players aimlessly roam around in hopes that they stumble upon the Pokemon.

If players will not use third party apps such as Pokevision, they?ll have no way to accurately find nearby Pokemon. The pallet features a maximum of nine nearby Pokemon in different orders, depending on their proximity. When a player chooses a Pokemon to catch, the order changes when they start moving toward the wrong direction. This is completely frustrating because the map doesn?t tell you whether you?re following the right direction or not.

In Ingress, players walk confidently as they are guided by the compass. There?s an assurance in Ingress that players will arrive in their destination. In contrast, Pokemon GO lacks this user friendliness feature, and players are left hoping that they get lucky and find the Pokemon spawns.

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