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Pokemon GO Nearby Feature: Find Rare Pokemon Using Ingress App?

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Pokemon GO

It seems like there is an unofficial crossover between Pokemon GO and Ingress, the app that made Niantic Labs famous in the mobile world. Both games already play similarly, but it seems like the Ingress app can actually help players catch some rare Pokemon while they?re loitering around.

This was discovered by a Reddit user who is a level 8 Ingress player. The player discovered that the Ingress app can actually determine a Pokemon’s location better when activated at the same time with Pokemon GO. As the game?s Nearby feature is still broken, those who played Ingress before Niantic?s Pokemon game will surely be able to take advantage of this.

How this works is interesting. In the Ingress app, players have to collect XM in order to do any sort of action in the game. It seems like areas with plenty of XM will also have tons of Pokemon to catch, which is why so many can be found in supermarkets. This is great for those who do not live in rural areas.

Also mentioned was how the Ingress app helps players find the exact location of the Pokemon that is in the player’s radar. This should be a relief to Pokemon GO fans, as it should save them plenty of time to catch a Clefairy, Gengar, or other rare Pokemon in the mobile game.

If there is one thing players should worry about when using both apps, it’s the battery life. Pokemon GO is known for draining a smartphone battery, and turning on another app that has augmented reality features won’t help. Add the possible use of 4G data in one’s phone, and it is hell on one’s device.

Hardcore players have probably bought power banks to prepare for long trips, so this might not be a huge problem anyway. It will be interesting to see how useful Ingress is when Niantic finally decides to release the legendary Pokemon for the app, which will likely be a timed event.

Pokemon GO is now available in select countries and is nearing a worldwide release. The mobile app has dominated the world since it was released, and it looks like that will not be stopping anytime soon.

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