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Pokemon GO Nearby Feature: How To Find Pokemon And Maximize Its Use

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Pokemon GO players are tasked with eventually ?catching ?em all,? and completing the Pokedex. And although the game doesn?t necessarily instruct players to complete their Pokedex, it?s still a goal many wish to accomplish. With 151 Pokemon in the first generation prowling around our streets, it might be a bit of a chore to get one type of each Pokemon. Luckily, Pokemon GO offers a little tool called ?Nearby? which can help with this.

Across the player avatar is a small little bar that when clicked, will open the Pokemon Nearby feature of the game. It?s a very useful tool that player?s may not have come across or are likely to have no idea how to use it since the game doesn?t explain it at all.

Upon opening Pokemon Nearby, players will see several Pokemon; if there are any that can be captured within the area. This list also shows at what rate the player will encounter the Pokemon based on their current location.

The encounter rate is measured by three set of footprints that may be the best tool in helping you catch specific Pokemon. If a Pokemon has no set of footprints under it, it means that players will encounter it almost instantly. But if there are footprints under the Pokemon, the player needs to travel a bit more till there are less or no footprints at all. This tool is especially helpful for those who are looking for specific Pokemon but can?t seem to find it.


To take advantage of this helpful feature, try using it with an Incense or Lure Module to maximize the rate at which Pokemon appear. Also keep in mind that there are different Pokemon in each area so be sure to travel around more to get a chance at every available creature there is in Pokemon GO.

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