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Pokemon GO Myths: Team Perks, Height & Weight Factors, And More

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Pokemon GO

To get ahead in Pokemon GO, players must balance both player activity and game system knowledge and make them work to their advantage. For players to be efficient in the game, they have to discard some Pokemon GO myths to save time or avoid giving erroneous advice to other players. Here?s what we know so far about in-game myths.

Team Perks

Though Team Valor, Instinct and Mystic have different colors and Gym leaders, players won?t gain any stat bonuses in the game just by joining a team. Technically, Pokemon GO teams are mostly cosmetic groups that players can join so there?ll be a bracket of community in there. However, players may enjoy a ?strength in numbers? and allied Gyms? perks once they?ve joined a team with players that are active in the game?s competitive scene. More than innate bonuses, players will have to work consistently to avail of the free perks in the team.

Height and Weight

Previously, players may have considered a Pokemon?s height and weight as an important part of a Pokemon?s strength. However, players have discovered that a Pokemon?s height and weight are mostly cosmetic features as the Pokemon?s Combat Power and Individual Values actually determine its strength.

Additionally, players trying to control the randomized Eevee evolution also considered Eevee?s height and weight. Players soon found out that a Pokemon series Easter Egg was the key to getting the Eevee evolution they want. As of now, a Pokemon?s height and weight have no bearing to any of Pokemon GO?s systems, unless you plan on having an unofficial height and weight contest with your friends.

Razz Berry Stacking

Razz Berries in Pokemon GO help improve one?s chances in catching Pokemon, but the effect isn?t actually stackable in the game. Razz Berries only work once per Pokemon throw and they?re also counted if you miss the Pokemon throw. If you have any Razz Berries, make sure to use them sparingly in the game.

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