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Pokemon GO Multiplayer: Why PvP Shouldn’t Be Added Soon

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Pokemon GO

While the Gym system in Pokemon GO allows players to indirectly compete with each other, gamers don?t have a way to directly battle against one another in real time. However, implementing a focused competitive system in the game may not be the best idea. Here?s why a direct PvP system shouldn?t be implemented yet.

PvP may start the ?toxic? side of the community

In most First Person Shooters, MOBAs, fighting games and other competitive titles, the community?s toxicity grows due to its competitive nature. Players have different ways of processing defeats and losses in the game and aren?t as graceful and sportsmanlike in defeat. This game will not be an exception once it implements the PvP system. In worst-case scenarios, competitive spats may get physical due to the game?s social gameplay.

One example of bad sportsmanship is the case cited on freshhooligan?s thread on the Pokemon GO Reddit. This player was told to ?go kill himself? after he was able to capture their Pokemon Gym. Arguing over in-game defeats in Niantic?s Game in public may prove problematic for the game?s image and may even escalate to actual player brawls.

However, Niantic may rely on the solutions of leading eSports developers such as Valve, Riot Games, Capcom, and Blizzard Entertainment in establishing their rules and regulations for its competitive PvP. Niantic and Nintendo may have to innovate some rules though as their game might become the world?s first modern mainstream competitive AR title on mobile phones.

The game is only geared toward catching Pokemon

Due to its Pokeball throwing system and lack of wild Pokemon battles, this mobile game is more about ?catching them all? rather than becoming the ?very best like no one ever was? through Pokemon Leagues and battles. These non-combative systems only add spice to the player?s catching experience, but has no direct benefit in making the Pokemon strong.

The game has a slightly controllable and standardized Combat Point system. It also lacks features such as controlling a Pokemon?s stat growth. Because of these, the game?s competitive mode may prove to be less appetizing than the main Pokemon game?s features that allows players to control stat growth with Effort Value training and using stat supplement items.

Generation 1 Pokemon are badly balanced

According to mak484?s thread on the SilphRoad Reddit, the Generation 1 Pokemon are badly balanced as it significantly lacks a variety of newly added Pokemon types and creatures. In Generation 1, double weakness types such as Rock Ground types was implemented due to the straightforward Pokemon types and mixes in the game.

Mak484 also stresses that players may probably end up using similar teams in the PvP due to the smaller pool of Pokemon to use in the game. If PvP were to be implemented, Psychic types will easily be strong picks as they are hard to counter.

The game?s servers are still being fixed, can barely handle its traffic right now

The servers in Pokemon GO still aren?t stable as plenty of issues are plaguing users such as the Frozen Pokeball glitch and 1HP bug. Additionally, the servers are struggling with the game?s basic wild Pokemon encounters and catching systems. Niantic is still focusing on making the game stable, and adding a competitive avenue means a continuous stream of updates and patches for PvP while fixing the game?s problems, which would be difficult to do.

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