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Pokemon GO: How Much Money Are Players Spending?

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Pokemon GO?s status as a pop culture phenomenon is pretty much undisputed at this point. The game has shattered usage records and transcended barriers in pretty much every country it?s been released in so far. However, has all this buzz translated into a huge payday for Niantic? According to a recent study, the answer is a resounding yes.

Pokemon GO Is Making A Fortune So far

Last week,?Slice Intelligence published a study showcasing Pokemon GO?s off-the-charts earning power. For one day at least, Niantic?s augmented reality monster collector managed to eclipse the rest of the mobile gaming market all by itself.

?In-game Pok?mon GO purchases surpassed the rest of the mobile gaming market on July 10th and accounted for nearly 47 percent of the entire mobile gaming market on the same day,? reads Slice?s report.

Perhaps the biggest impact the game has had so far has been in attracting new customers. The data shows that just over half of all Pokemon GO spenders (53%) had made just one or fewer in-app purchases in the past six months prior to Pokemon GO?s launch.?As expected, the bulk of the game?s customers are those who grew up with the franchise during its heyday in the 1990s.

?In-app spending by Millennials account for the majority of Pok?mon GO?s in-game revenue. With 52 percent of the buyers being between the ages of 18-34, many of these individuals were part of the prime target audience when the Pok?mon frenzy first hit the United States in the mid-?90s.?

With the game just barely two weeks old, we can only imagine that this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as Pokemon GO?s earning potential goes. Niantic has already announced plans to further monetize the game with sponsored PokeStops and other gimmicks, so it?s safe to say that its dominance at the top of the charts will continue for quite some time.

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