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Pokemon GO: Mewtwo Prank Confirms More Rare Pokemon Spawns In Congested Areas?

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The crowd in Tsuruma Park in Nagoya, Japan recently fell for the Mewtwo prank and tried to catch the Pokemon until morning. While none of the Pokemon GO players were able to catch Mewtwo, rare Pokemon spawned in the area such as Blastoise and Gyarados. There are rumors that more Pokemon spawn in areas with high cellular activity, and it seems that the Mewtwo prank may confirm and give birth to a new theory.

As reported by Kotaku, people in Japan gathered to catch the rare Pokemon Mewtwo, but they couldn?t find it. When the Tsuruma Park was filled with a huge crowd, people claimed on Twitter that rare Pokemon started to spawn in the area.

Some of the lucky players shared their achievements, saying that they got Blastoise and Gyarados in the park. As we reported previously, some fans said that the spawn rate of Pokemon is affected by cellular data. But this instance in Japan also showed that a large volume might also increase chances of seeing rare Pokemon.

Niantic has yet to share the logic behind the amount of spawn rate for both common and rare Pokemon in the game, but seeing more rare Pokemon in congested areas is highly possibly after seeing what happened during the Mewtwo prank. There are three possible explanations as to what happened in the park: those rare Pokemon normally spawn in the area, the amount of cellular activity triggered rare Pokemon to spawn, or Niantic simply decided to drop those rare Pokemon. ?

There?s a lot of Pokemon spawn rate factors that hasn?t been confirmed yet. Recently, players are discussing that rare Pokemon might spawn at specific locations at a specific time, depending on the density of population in the area. This might also be the reason why people playing in rural areas are unlucky at finding rare Pokemon.

Do you think the amount of cellular activity increases the spawn rate of both common and rare Pokemon? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned to TheBitBag for the latest news about Pokemon GO.

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