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Pokemon GO: MewTwo Launching Alongside Pokemon Sun And Moon?

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Pokemon GO

Players are longing to get a chance on one of the five coveted Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Niantic is yet to reveal when these special Pokemon are coming, and we may have to wait for them till the game launches in all regions. However, one fan did great investigative work on the first trailer of Pokemon GO, which hinted that MewTwo might launch alongside another Pokemon title.

Redditor eign6888 recently analyzed the trailer for Pokemon GO which was released last year, and he discovered a possible Easter Egg for MewTwo. The highlight of the Pokemon GO trailer last year is the epic MewTwo battle at Times Square. The Redditor noticed something special about the Pikachu that seemingly ended the event before the time ran out.

The name of the Pikachu?s trainer is Sonnen928. Sonnen in German directly translates to Sun, which could correlate to the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon. But that?s not where the coincidences end. Airing this Aug. 4 in Japan is the 928th episode of the entire Pokemon series, which is also the 128th episode of the Pokemon X and Y storyline. The episode titled ?Fierce Fighting at the Kalos League! Gather, All of My Passion!? could have more leads to the location of MewTwo or about the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon. When it comes to the chronological sequence of the game, Pokemon X and Y comes before Sun and Moon since Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are remasters.

We can speculate that MewTwo?s release may have something to do with Pokemon Sun and Moon, considering the signs in the Pokemon GO trailer. It?s possible that MewTwo might become temporarily available during Pokemon Sun and Moon?s launch, but don?t expect it unless the game has been made available to all regions by then.

Taking cue from the Eevee renaming evolution Easter Egg, some players have begun renaming their Pikachus to Sonnen928. Sadly, nothing happens when you do so.

Some have then speculated that the upcoming episode might have clues to MewTwo in Pokemon GO or even some details about Pokemon Sun and Moon. It?s easy to say that these are just coincidental, but it?s a once in a lifetime coincidence if it is.

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