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Pokemon GO: Why Mew Could Be The Hardest Pokemon To Catch

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Pokemon Go

There are a lot of desirable monsters in Pokemon GO, but none more desirable than the Mew Duo and Legendary Bird Trio. These five Pokemon are currently missing from the game along with Ditto. It?s obvious that getting one of these Pokemon won?t be as easy as throwing a Pokeball as such is their nature. But among these missing Pokemon, there are a lot of ways to tell which one of them is the rarest find.

There are several reasons to believe why Mew will be the Pokemon that?s very hard to come by in Pokemon GO, and all we have to do is look at the past Pokemon RPGs as proof. Starting from generation 1 of Pokemon, Red, Blue and Yellow, Mew was only obtainable through events or Poke Transfers. In fact, the only Pokemon RPG wherein Mew was obtainable in-game was in Pokemon Emerald, where the player had to visit Faraway Island to encounter Mew.

While Pokemon GO and the RPGs are entirely different from one another, we can?t help shake the feeling that Niantic will give Mew the same treatment, whereas it?s really hard to come by and players won?t be able to get it through simple methods.

It?s very likely that only a select few can get Mew, and everyone could be given a fair chance at it through events or giveaways. We can expect though that Mew is a rarer Pokemon than MewTwo and the Legendary Bird Trio.

That being said, those aiming on completing the Pokedex might have a harder time doing so considering how Legendaries and Mew could be a hard catch. It?s also very likely that Niantic could give non-Mew owners a pass when it comes to Pokedex requirements, as past Pokemon RPG titles didn?t require this Pokemon for completion as well.

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