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Pokemon GO Medals: Requirements For All Gold, Silver, And Bronze Badges

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Pokemon GO

Like most online games, Pokemon GO has a ton of medals that can be unlocked by doing various things in the mobile title. This can include walking around a lot, catching plenty of Pokemon and a number of other things. Requirements for these medals ? called badges in the game ? have yet to be detailed, until now.

Thanks to a Reddit user, there is now a full list of the medals that can be earned in the game and how to get them. Since these were derived from the game’s files, the objectives might seem unclear to some, but they are easy enough to deduce when they have been read properly.

One easy example is the Jogger Badge of Pokemon GO, which can be obtained by walking for an extended period of time. There is a type for each badge: bronze, silver and gold. Obviously, bronze is the easiest to get, while gold is the hardest but also the best, so players have to strive if they want the best badges in the game.?

The Collector badge is for those who like to catch a ton of Pokemon. This is a badge most players will be able to get, since catching Pokemon is the main concept of the mobile title, along with socializing and Gym battles. There is also the Scientist badge, which is awarded to the players who have evolved a lot of their Pokemon, which could be a big challenge for mobile users who have bad Internet connection.

If only the achievements looked like this.

Interestingly enough, the user pointed out that there were dark-type badges discovered in the game’s files. With fans wanting more Pokemon from other generations to be in the game, this could be an indicator that it is happening, or is at least close to happening.

Pokemon GO is currently available in certain countries, but it will not be receiving a worldwide release anytime soon. The free mobile title is for both iOS and Android devices, but it also has a number of in-game purchases like most mobile games that are free to play. Here is hoping that everyone will be able to earn badges soon enough.

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