Pokemon GO Update: Know Your Pokemon’s Maximum Combat Points

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Perhaps the most disappointing fact about Pokemon GO is that gameplay is not the same as in the television or the actual Pokemon game. Players do not encounter random thugs while exploring. There is no option to challenge someone for battle unless they are protecting their gym. However, for the curious individuals, knowing details of their Pokemon is just part of the fun.

One important detail in particular is the Pokemon?s combat points, or CP. The CP is the best metric in judging whether a trainer keeps or ignores a Pokemon. The obvious reason for this is, Pokemon with higher combat point stands a better chance in protecting a trainer?s gym. To make matters a bit complicated, Pokemon GO hides all the nitty-gritty details for stats and calculations. Especially the CP as it influences the Pokemon?s Attack, Defence, and Stamina or Health Points. On the other hand, CP is not static. A Pokemon?s CP increases as it levels up. Unfortunately, players cannot train their Pokemon willy-nilly as they have limits too. Continuous training can max out a Pokemon?s CP, and it is important to know whether a particular Pokemon?s CP is already maxed out or not.

Luckily for trainers, GamePress has released a very useful list for all 150 Pokemon GO species. The said list details the maximum combat points for each of the Pokemon as well as individual ratings.

Based on the list, five of the top ten Pokemon with the highest combat points are the ones that players cannot catch yet. This includes Mewtwo, Mew, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. It is still unclear whether Niantic has plans on letting trainers catch these legendary Pokemon anytime soon. Funnily enough, Magicarp is at the bottom of the list with a maximum combat point of 263. At least until it evolves to a Gyarados which takes it to the twelfth spot with a maximum CP of 2689.

Pokemon GO CP Stats

Whether trainers are just using Pokemon GO for fun or something more serious, knowing facts about Pokemon can prove to be helpful. Especially when a trainer?s gym is at risk from miscreants.

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