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Pokemon GO Master Flies Around the World to Catch ?Em All

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Pokemon GO Master

Nick Johnson (US) is said to be the first player to catch 142 Pokemon in the US in just two weeks after Pokemon GO?s release, being touted as the world?s first Pokemon GO Master. He now has 145 out of the 151 Pokemon in the game. The remaining six are yet to be released. So how did he do this? Nick traveled across the globe?to catch region-specific pokemons to complete the 145. His travels were sponsored by Marriot Rewards and Expedia-lucky huh?

Nick traveled to France, Australia and Hong Kong for these region-specific Pokemons: Mr Mime, Kangaskhan, and Farfetch?d

In an interview with Expedia, Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand Georg Rubensal said, ?We?re delighted to have been able to help Nick live out his Pok?mon dream and travel far and wide to literally ?catch ?em all?. Nick?s journey is an exciting example of how Pok?mon Go is turning gamers into travellers, redefining tourist attractions and bringing together a whole community.? Rebensal also adds, ?The game is also encouraging people to become tourists in their own cities by getting players outside and exploring local landmarks they may have not seen before. Pok?mon Go is now another way to travel, meet new people and explore the world,? Ruebensal added.

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Nick currently has 5,000 Pokemon and is now in Japan for a media tour. See his interview here:

How does it feel to catch 145 Pokemon? Nick Johnson replies, “It’s been pretty incredible to travel all around the world with Expedia to places I’ve never been and places I thought I’d never have a chance to return to, to catch Pok?mon. It’s been pretty awesome.”

Because of Pokemon GO, Nick did not only get to travel but he also lost about 10 pounds from all the walking!

AnimeNewsNetwork also reported that in London, another Pokemon GO Master caught all 145 Pokemon. His name is Ahmed Ali who was lucky enough to get other region-specific pokemons via eggs and was able to get Tauros by traveling to the US. Though still no official news from Niantec if Ali is the first to complete the game?s Pokedex.

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