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Pokemon GO Map Tracker: Find Rare Pokemon Using Your Smartwatch

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Pokemon GO

After Niantic took PokeVision out of service, players are already looking for alternatives for a wild Pokemon tracker in Pokemon GO. If you?re looking for another wild Pokemon tracker, the smartwatch app called Smart Pokemon Go should do the trick. Additionally, this app also detects rare Pokemon and has a special notification for it too.

According to cyrilpp?s thread on the SilphRoad subreddit, the Smart Pokemon Go app works on Android phones and the Android Wear smartwatch. Players can now have a PokeVision alternative once again if they manage to make it work. The app needs an official Pokemon Trainer Club account to work correctly, so ?sign up if you don?t have one.

The app works similarly like the late PokeVision which maps out the spawned wild Pokemon on a real-world map. This layout makes it easier for players to find Pokemon without going to inappropriate routes. Additionally, the app?s compatibility with Android Wear watches makes it more convenient, and it does not compromise on visuals. However, players may have to rely on their phone?s view of the app if they want larger and clearer coverage of the area.

Niantic has yet to make a move against wild Pokemon tracker apps and programs that aren?t site-based. At worst, Niantic may have to step in and include Smart Pokemon Go as an in-game feature to stop exerting more effort against stopping this wild Pokemon tracker. For now, you can still use such apps at your own risk. Even the app creator himself, cyrilp, encourages players to use a different Pokemon Trainer Club account to avoid being tracked by Niantic.

Since third party wild Pokemon tracker sites have been taken down, players have resorted to other apps or programs. Currently, the Pokemon Nearby ?fix? in the Pokemon GO app itself doesn?t help much as Niantic only removed the ?three steps? visuals, which actually made the in-game tracker less useful overall. Additionally, many players have also grown fond of third party wild Pokemon trackers because of the overall convenience they bring in the game.

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