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Pokemon GO Map: Is Pokevision Accurate?

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Pokemon locator apps are making rounds on app stores and players worldwide are taking advantage of them to get the Pokemon they want. However, a website called PokeVision may be the best third party help there is for Pokemon GO. So just how accurate is PokeVision when locating Pokemon in the game?

PokeVision uses a similar structure to Niantic?s augmented reality game and makes use of Google Maps to determine what Pokemon will spawn in an area. It even manages to list down the spawn and despawn time of the respective Pokemon. The website use Niantic?s API, so the results are pretty accurate.

No player has reported any misleading information with PokeVision, and some may even opt to use it over the Pokemon GO Nearby feature. The fact that the website uses the similar structure of the game shows just how legitimate and accurate it is when determining Pokemon locations.

However, some players believe that PokeVision sort of ruins the whole point of Pokemon GO as it determines what Pokemon appear in an area instead of players getting caught up with random encounters. When it comes to the website being considered as a cheating device, some players do believe that PokeVision is a form of cheating in the game.

According to Niantic?s Terms of Service, PokeVision, like datamining, is a form of cheating. It?s hard to expect Niantic to penalize all users of PokeVision as there?s no easy way to determine who used it in the first place.

Niantic?s safest solution for making PokeVision obsolete is by fixing the three-step bug in the Pokemon Nearby feature so that players no longer have to use the website for help. However, we?re expecting that some players will still use PokeVision to see what Pokemon will appear in farther areas.

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