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Pokemon GO Map: All PokeStop And Gym Locations

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Pokemon GO is finally here, and many players around the world have found a way of playing the new AR game. The game is still not available in many countries, so those who have been waiting for the official release can learn from the experiences of players in preparing themselves to catch Pokemon in the real world. Before you jump into the game, it is better to know where your PokeStops and Gyms are located. Here?s a way to find out where you?ll get them on the Pokemon GO Map. Even if you don?t have the game in your mobile, you can find out the information easily.

The mobile game is inspired by Ingress, a successful title launched by Niantic Labs. Both of the games use players? location data to guide them toward any place, and in the case of Pokemon GO, the landmarks will be PokeStops and gyms. Interested fans can use the Ingress map to find the PokeStop and gym locations. In Ingress, these places are called Portals. If you think finding these PokeStops in different parts of the world is challenging, Ingress can help you figure it out.

To find out the locations, you?ll need to download Ingress on your phone. After setting up an account, you can head to the official website of Ingress. There you?ll find the intel map that will show you the Portals. The best thing about these locations is Niantic uses just replaced the Portals with PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms.

Much of the information about the locations can be found through Ingress maps. While the ?data available is specific to Ingress, the developer has used the data in Pokemon GO as well, so finding the information is not a challenge. One of the best things fans can do is add a browser extension on Firefox or Chrome. The add-on modifies the Ingress map to help you find details specific to Pokemon GO, according to a fan on Reddit. Overall, the best thing to look for is the locations of Portals on the Ingress map.

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