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Pokemon GO Map: How Niantic Can Balance Rewards For Rural & Urban Areas

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Pokemon GO players in rural areas are not happy with Niantic as the game needs more balancing updates. There are only a few Pokemon spawns, PokeStops, as well as Gyms in rural areas. Players also want changes in PokeStop rewards to ensure a fair and balanced gameplay experience for people living in rural and urban areas.

Players are complaining that the Pokemon GO map only shows more Pokemon in cities. Even if players from rural areas walk for miles, they do not find as much Pokemon and Pokemon landmarks. A fan on Reddit suggests that Niantic should eliminate these issues by making some of the following balancing updates in the game?s map.

PokeStop Rewards

A Reddit user suggests how Niantic can increase the rewards for PokeStops located in rural areas. If Niantic gives better PokeStop rewards based on the distance travelled by players, the long trips will feel worth it.

The user suggests that there should also be more items given away based on the distance players travel to from one PokeStop to another. This will ensure that players in rural areas don?t run out of items during their long treks. Those from the cities suggests that Niantic should keep the same amount of items given away, and only give better rewards for those travelling to further PokeStops. ?

Pokemon Spawns

Niantic is already working on Pokemon GO updates, and the developer can also make the mobile game more balanced by giving players equal number of Pokemon in both rural and urban areas. The amount of Pokemon spawns isn?t the only problem as some are reportedly unable to capture rare Pokemon. Niantic?s Pokemon GO map takes data from Ingress, and this is the reason why there?s an imbalance in Pokemon spawns. Niantic can fix this by giving equal opportunities to players in both areas.

Fans are waiting for the next Pokemon GO update so they can enjoy the game as intended. Currently, the game is still facing major bugs and issues.

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