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Pokemon GO Map: Find Rare Pokemon Hotspots With This New App

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There?s a new mobile app for Pokemon GO which lets players find nearby hotspots. Finding rare Pokemon spawns locally has been a challenge for gamers, but with the new app called Tableau, one can easily find those hotspots to catch ?em all.

The new mobile app analyzes Pokemon spawn hotspots by fetching Pokemon GO data for specific areas. It can be a helpful tool to understand the pattern in which Pokemon appear on the map, especially the rare ones. The data provided by the app is highly detailed, and one can easily use it to find the time intervals and locations of certain Pokemon.

To get started with the app, players will need a PC and Tableau installed on their system. After the installation, players will need to download some drivers for PostgreSQL to make the application work. You will need to keep both applications open, and you?re required to post your Pokemon GO account details in the PostgreSQL application panel.

To run the setup successfully, you?ll need a little knowledge on SQL. The application requires some data packages installed on your PC to make the whole setup work. You can download the files here and then follow the steps shared by the developer.

On TheSilphRoad subreddit, fans have expressed their appreciation for the app. However, most of the users who don?t want to dive into programming stuff are requesting the developer to ?provide an easier way to get all the details Tableau provides. Fans want something like a mobile app or a web-based solution similar to PokeVision that doesn?t require a complex setup.

After the successful completion of all the steps, the application will provide all the rare Pokemon hotspots in the area. The map uses OpenStreetMaps and displays the hotspots in the form of dots on the map. Those who don?t know how to find the nearby rare Pokemon using the app can look at this map.

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