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Pokemon GO Map Design Different? How The New Google Maps Update Affected The Game

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Part of what makes Pokemon GO so fun is the game allows us to interact with our world as if it?s our own big and real-life version of Kanto, Kalos, Johto or any other Pokemon region. It seems that the augmented reality title is affected more by Google Maps than we initially thought, and every update later on may affect Niantic?s latest craze.

Some players recently discovered a change in the map provided by Niantic for Pokemon GO. Instead of being filled with alleyways and streets, the game?s map is now limited to main roads only, and it?s likely that a Google Maps update is to blame for the sudden change.

Niantic gathers all of its map data from Google Map?s API. This means that every little change in Google Maps will be seen in Pokemon GO. As seen in the recent update, Pokemon GO?s map is now less filled with streets.

Gameplay-wise, the map change doesn?t really affect the gaming experience of the players. The biggest difference between the previous and the updated map is there is less detail in the new one. Aside from fewer streets and alleyways, the new map also includes minor detail changes, like parks that are no longer green.

However, the less detailed map might be a disadvantage to players as they can no longer pinpoint the exact location of a PokeStop or Pokemon Gym because some streets may be missing from the map. It?s worth noting though that there are no changes when it comes to the number of PokeStops or Gyms.

We can expect the map of Pokemon GO to change every time Google updates its mapping app. If Google Maps decides to take out a few landmarks off of the map, then we can expect that landmark to be gone in Pokemon GO as well.

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