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Pokemon GO Makes Fans Feel They’re Better Than Ash Ketchum

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has made players feel better than Ash Ketchum, the lead character of the Pokemon anime series. While that might not be saying much since every Pokemon game has made fans feel like an accomplished trainer, none of those titles were able to capture the feeling of exploring areas and catching the creatures like the mobile AR game.

This humorous post comes from a Reddit user who pointed out how much of an inferior trainer Ash is. The mobile player has caught 65 percent of the original 151 Pokemon, while Ash has only caught 11 percent of the 720 that are currently available — until that number increases when Sun and Moon come out, making Ash a bigger loser.

Hilariously, the user commented again after 2,000 or so upvotes and caught a Rhyhorn in Pokemon GO, something Ash has never done in the show. It is incredibly harsh but true. Ash doesn’t seem to have the drive to catch them all, which is odd since that is what the show and games are about.

While fans love the show, it is really easy to shake one’s head at some of the decisions Ash makes in the anime. Right before he heads to the Pokemon League, he releases his Pidgeot so it can protect some Pidgeys from a flock of Spearow and Fearow. It’s noble, sure, but considering how many battles its Pidgeotto won before it evolved, one has to wonder why Ash couldn’t wait after winning the Pokemon League to release it.

He ain’t so special.

Still, even if he isn’t the best trainer, Ash is still the lead in the Pokemon anime and was the face of the franchise for most people who grew up in the 1990s. While it is really easy to make fun of his various mishaps, it’s still gratifying to be better than the hero you used to watch ? or still watch ? on TV.

Pokemon GO is available in certain countries and isn’t ready for a worldwide release just yet. The game made plenty of headlines during the San Diego Comic-Con and should still be a hot topic for quite some time.

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