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Pokemon GO: How to Make Money by Playing Pokemon GO

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Pokemon GO

Since the launch of Pokemon GO on July 6, it has been downloaded 130 million times by players across the world. Even though recent reports have stated that its popularity is going down, it is still very in-demand. A recent job listing for a ?lure manager? on Facebook indicates how popular Pokemon GO is.

New Job Listing For Making Money on Pokemon GO

A Reddit user has come across a job listing for a part time lure manager on Facebook. It states that the company is looking a person who is expert in playing Pokemon GO. In order to be eligible for the position of a lure manager, applicants should have reached at least level 10.

The job is only available for players who play the game on an Android smartphone. It means the job is currently unavailable for players who have iOS devices. Other requirements include that the applicant be confident and a team player.

Pokemon GO

Applicants will be required to work on weekends and they should be ready to work at flexible hours. They should be well-versed about the processes involved in the game as well as in-app purchases.

As far as previous experience is concerned, people are ready to work as lure manager should be at least of 20 years old. Students who are in 2nd year college or those who are college graduate can apply for the job.

There is no confirmation on the authenticity of the advertisement. Also, the position seems to be available for Pokemon Go lovers in the Philippines. If this becomes a success, we may see more of Pokemon GO jobs in the near future.

Niantic to Add New Features Soon

Niantic is yet to launch the game in major markets like China, India and South Korea. It is expected to introduced much awaited legendary Pokemon after releasing the game in remaining markets.

Niantic is also expected to introduce second generation evolutions of Pokemon through a major update that is expected to arrive by early 2017.?

The update that is pegged to be available on Sept. 5 is likely to include new Trading feature and an improved Near-by Pokemon tracker.

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