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Pokemon GO Major Update: Clues Point To Gym Rework This Month

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Niantic is keeping on with the updates for their popular mobile game and it seems like another Pokemon GO major update is due out later this month. Players are speculating that Niantic is readying something else for this month and it could include an overhaul to Gyms in the augmented reality game.

The game’s community are all riled up today as more signs are pointing to Niantic finally releasing another Pokemon GO major update this month. The major update this month is speculated to have a Gym overhaul and it’s something players should look forward to. Redditor thetraveller shares his findings and why a release of a Pokemon GO major update is drawing near.  

The Redditor is speculating that Niantic might follow the same release pattern for the events with the major Pokemon GO updates. If his speculations are true, then the next major update will come in the next few days. The player shares what could be the pattern of the updates’ release:

  • “Big Update #1” (Gen2) was launched on February 16
  • That day will be three months away this coming Tuesday
  • That day was exactly mid-quarter
  • That day was a Thursday (Niantic loves Thursdays for pushing new stuff)

Aside from this pattern, another reason why the gym overhaul will come this week is because of the contents of the new app version released last week. There were a lot of datamined codes relating to raids, anti-cheat measures, new error codes and of course, Pokemon Gyms.

It seems like the upcoming Raid feature is related to Gyms. In the recent datamine, the code ACTIVITY_SEARCH_GYM pops up when looking at the codes regarding the Raid Pokemon. Hopefully, we get to see the changes this week. More and more signs are pointing to the gym overhaul coming soon and the community is very excited to see how Niantic will change how Gym battles are done.

For now, Niantic is pushing through a few tweaks to Pokemon GO under our noses. Redditor AdrenalinJunki3 shares that the animation for the Bullet Punch attack has been changed. In terms of it affecting battles, players note that the new animation still takes the same amount of time to execute. This small change potentially shows that Niantic has begun making live changes in Gym battles. 

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