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Pokemon GO Major Update: Gym System Getting An Overhaul

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It looks like the details for the next Pokemon GO major update have been revealed and they look promising. Ever since major and minor updates were defined, players have been anticipating any news regarding these varying patches. Thanks to an interview, we now know that the game’s gym system is getting a major overhaul this year.

The Silph Road subreddit was able to translate a German interview regarding the mobile game and revealed the news. Whoever posted the article was able to translate the finer details from the interview and discovered the gym overhaul. As if that wasn’t enough, the interview also stated that we could be seeing Legendary Pokemon this year.

Gym Overhaul

Revealed as a Pokemon GO major update, the gym overhaul is something fans have wanted for sometime. Admittedly, the details to the gym overhaul are vague, so we don’t know how it will be improved. Fans can assume smoother battles with less lag or something else entirely; it’s definitely intriguing and should please the masses.

Some players are speculating that the battle system will be the major overhaul that the gyms will be getting. As most players know, the game’s system uses swipes for dodging, taps for attacks, and held taps for stronger moves. The system itself hasn’t been criticized much, but certain moves have resulted in cheap victories, depending on the Pokemon used.

Legendary Sightings?

Fans are hoping that legendaries will appear in a future Pokemon GO major update, and it seems possible. The subreddit stated that we might be seeing legendaries this year, though commenters said we might just hear about them. Considering that we haven’t seen any Gen 1 legendaries, and Gen 2 Pokemon are available, they should be revealed soon.

Gen 1 legendaries include Mewtwo, Mew, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos, none of whom have appeared in the game yet. It’s doubtful that we’ll be seeing any Gen 2 legendaries until some of the Gen 1 ones get released. Here is hoping Niantic has an event in mind that will eventually bring these Pokemon to the forefront.

It will be interesting to see how the gym mechanics are overhauled in the upcoming Pokemon GO major update. Since the update is a big one, fans shouldn’t expect it to come out anytime soon, since these take a lot of time. Fans are also hoping to see a number of new features in a major update, like PVP and breeding, to name a few.

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