Pokemon GO Major Update: Other Features To Expect This Year

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Pokemon GO Update

Big things are looking to come in Niantic’s augmented reality title this year as the game’s one year anniversary draws closer with each month. One of the rumored major updates to come this year will possibly include Raids. Aside from that, there are also a few other things to expect in the other Pokemon GO major update this year.

Earlier this year, Niantic CEO John Hanke said that there are three major updates coming in 2017. One of those is coming in the summer and many are speculating that it will be the Raids feature because of a more recent Niantic interview. Aside from Raids, what are the other features fans should expect in the next Pokemon GO major update?


Aside from catching Pokemon, yet another key feature in any Pokemon entry is Trading. It was also one of the features seen in the Pokemon GO launch trailer, so we can’t say that it’s not a feature that Niantic is looking to consider. Even Hanke himself said that they are already working on the feature.

It’s likely that trading will be one of the key features in a Pokemon GO major update later this year. Trading will be a good feature to have in the game as it will help majority of the players to complete their Pokedex. Niantic already released a few details on how trading will work. According to the developer, players can’t expect to trade with players who are hundreds of miles away. The person will need to be nearby.


Another expected feature in the next Pokemon GO major update is PvP. Up to know, players can’t face off against each other in the game. PvP is a key feature in the Pokemon RPGs and it’s also something that players would want to get a hand on in the game. If Niantic does introduce this feature, then we can expect to have some neat trainer vs. trainer battles in the future.

GPS Spoofing

Niantic CEO John Hanke also talked about how the developer is looking to fix the GPS spoofing issue in the game. A full fix for the issue should be one of Niantic’s priorities and it should come in the next Pokemon GO major update. We’ve seen that Niantic is finally taking steps towards the cheaters in the game and it could only be a matter of time before we officially see GPS spoofers out of the game.

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