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Pokemon GO Major Event Confirmed For Summer 2017

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A Pokemon GO Mewtwo event in Times Square will most likely happen than in Japan
A Pokemon GO Mewtwo event teaser?

Niantic has been pretty busy with Pokemon GO lately and it looks like the developer is far from done with the game. A recent interview has revealed that a major surprise is being readied for this summer, so players have a to look forward to in the months to come. It’s not just another celebration as Niantic confirmed a Pokemon GO major event in summer.

Recently, Niantic’s Kiyoshi Kawashima, Yoshiji Kawashima and Kenju Suga was caught in an interview wherein they revealed quite a few interesting details regarding the future of Pokemon GO. The interview was released in Japan only and all that we’ve got from it was a few roughly translated details. Despite this, we can surmise that one of the three Pokemon GO major updates is expected to arrive between June to August.

Based on a rough translation of the entire interview, it seems like the infamous MewTwo battle scene from the launch trailer of the game could be the Pokemon GO major event. Having a major celebration in the next few months shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Pokemon GO is turning 1 year old in July, so Niantic could be readying something to celebrate the momentous event.

From the sound of things, players might finally be able to face off and capture Legendary Pokemon such as Mew, MewTwo, the Legendary Bird Trio and those who are supposed to be introduced along with the rest of gen 2. The Niantic representative’s didn’t delve deeper as to how Niantic will execute the feature seen in the launch trailer, but the earlier leak regarding Raids could serve as a clue.

According to the leak, Niantic is looking to introduce a Raid feature which could be similar to the ones we see in MMORPGs. Groups of players will be able to participate in the Raids against a common foe and after the recent interview, the center of Raids could actually be the Legendary Pokemon.

It’s very possible that Niantic will introduce one of the three major updates in July to celebrate the game’s one year anniversary since launch. If not, then it could be released anywhere in the summer instead. Seeing as the developer is already readying possible new features, a few dataminers could begin uncovering clues about it in the months to come.

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