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Pokemon GO Grass Event Has Ended, New Update Released On Android And iOS [Updated]

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Update: Niantic finally pulled the plug on the Pokemon GO Grass event, which started on May 5. Players no longer have access to the bonuses from the event and there are now less Grass-types in their respective areas. Just as the Grass-type event ended, Niantic released a new update for both Android and iOS.

Players over at Reddit are beginning to report lesser Grass types now. Redditor tsanchan2nd got to feel the end of the event first hand as the Bulbasaur he recently caught got turned into an Ekans. Other players commented on the thread and now, maps are spawning the regular Pokemon instead of having an influx of Grass-types.

Along with the end of the Pokemon GO Grass event is a new update. Pokemon GO is being updated to version 0.63.1 for Android and 1.33.1 for iOS. Niantic has also released the patch notes for the minor update that adds only a few things to the game. The patch notes reveal that the new changes include the following:

  • Added Brazilian Portuguese language support.
  • Tapping on a medal will now show your progress toward the next medal tier.

The Brazilian Portuguese language support for the game is a neat addition as more players will have a better understanding of the game. As for the other feature, players are definitely going to like seeing how long it’ll take for them to reach the medal in the next tier.

With the Pokemon GO Grass event coming to an end, players are probably waiting for when the next event will arrive. We’ve had a Water and Grass type event already and Niantic could be readying the Fire type event next to fully complete the starter types.


There’s a lot to be busy about in Pokemon GO again as Niantic is once again giving players the chance for a few bonus mechanics for the game. The next event is about to start soon and it’s going to last for a few days only. There are a few things to do once the event arrives so players should get on it as soon as it starts.

Niantic recently announced a new event for Pokemon GO over at the game’s official website. It’s similar to the Water Festival event that players enjoyed last month but this time around, players will get to see more Grass-type Pokemon instead of Water-types. The event is set to begin during the afternoon of May 5 and it will conclude on May 8 at 8PM PDT. 

Aside from having a bigger chance to encounter Water type Pokemon, players will also have a hand at a very major bonus for Lure Modules. “To help you catch your favorite Grass-type Pokémon this weekend, Lure Modules will last for six hours for the entire weekend!,” says Niantic over at Twitter.

This is a major bonus for those who often use Lure Modules. On a normal day, Lure Modules would last for 30 minutes only. A 6-hour Lure Module is going to be a big help to those looking to take advantage of the new event in Pokemon GO. Those with missing Grass-types in their Pokedexes are in for a treat for the next four days.

If placed at a PokeStop, the Lure Module will draw in Pokemon every 3 minutes. What’s different between an Incense and a Lure Module is that the Lure Modules will affect every trainer that’s on the affected PokeStop. An Incense on the other hand, will only affect the player who used it.

Since Lure Modules affect a PokeStop, players will simply need to look for any PokeStop with petals around it. This is the only indication that a PokeStop is affected with a Lure Module. Again, Lure Modules are going to last 6 hours so expect a lot of PokeStops to be affected with the helpful item.

Seeing as Niantic has already introduced a Water and Grass type event for Pokemon GO, there’s a chance that it will also make one for the other types. Hopefully, we get to see these other type events soon.

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