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Pokemon GO: Lure Modules And Incense Not Working? Here’s Why

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Pokemon Go

Using Lure Modules and Incense in Pokemon GO helps you gets new Pokemon in the game. For some players, both of these functions work properly, but for many, they don?t. If you are one of those players who are dealing with Lure Modules and Incense issues in Nintendo?s new mobile game, you can make them work by setting your phone?s time to be decided by your network.

Pokemon GO supports iOS and Android smartphones, and people around the world have been playing the game since the game launched in some countries two weeks ago. Players have encountered many known issues in the game, but there are some problems which Niantic has not highlighted in its official guidelines. Fortunately, players have found solutions for them and shared them with fellow gamers.

Recently, a Reddit user shared a trick on how to fix Lure Modules and Incense issues in the game. According to the user, if these two features are not working on your mobile, you can simply switch to the network time from your phone?s settings. The user claims that he has been dealing with this issue for a while, but when he turned on the network time feature on his mobile phone, Lure Module and Incense started working for him. Many players on the thread also backed up his claims.

Some players said that they have been dealing with the same problem, but after trying the trick, the two features started working for them as well. Some players also said that the features started working for them even if they did not switch to the network time. But if you are dealing with the problems, the trick is worth trying.

Fans have already discovered many Pokemon GO tricks to date, from catching Pokemon at first attempt to saving mobile data and battery, fixing GPS issues, and collecting items faster. Some players have even been able to save other people?s lives.

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