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Pokemon GO Lure Module Hotspots: Best Areas In US, Canada, Australia, And More!

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO?s social gameplay doesn?t only extend to real life but also applies to in-game bonuses like Lure Modules. These limited Pokemon encounter rate boosters can be shared by friends in a PokeStop. Alternatively, you can share Lure Module hotspots from known Pokemon GO communities all throughout your region. Here?s a quick guide on the lure module hotspots.

According to GRANITO?s thread on the SilphRoad Reddit, players have come up with a community spreadsheet of active Lure Module hotspots in the game. Through it, players can see which Pokemon GO Lure Module hotspot is the most accessible for them. Most of these Lure Module hotspots are arranged according to the US state or places in Canada, Australia, and many other countries.

Technically, the PokeStops may not always be online 24/7, but they may always be loaded with a Lure Module for the local Pokemon community. Players can visit these areas to enjoy bonuses such as increased Pokemon spawn rate. However, do observe common courtesy with other Pokemon GO players and do not freeload on the lure module?s effects.

In Pokemon GO, Lure Modules increase Pokemon spawn rate in a PokeStop?s area. For new players, they can enjoy power leveling through the early levels and fill up their Pokedex with more new Pokemon. Meanwhile, high-level or endgame players may just be farming it for more Pokemon Candy or for finding a Pokemon with perfect Combat Power stats. This way, PokeStops are turned into impromptu community areas which some local businesses use to attract more customers.

Most Pokemon GO regions that are over a week old can now enjoy more active lure module hotspots as more players have already established themselves in the game. Meanwhile, newer regions like those in Asia may have to wait a few more days for players to start actively claiming PokeStops for Lure Module purposes

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