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Pokemon GO Lucky Egg Tips: How to Maximize XP Gains

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If you happen to stumble upon a Lucky Egg during your travels in Pokemon GO, you better make sure you make the most out of it. If you don?t know what these special little guys are, here?s a brief primer.

Pokemon Go Lucky Egg Guide

Unlike regular eggs, which hatch new Pokemon, Lucky Eggs are basically XP boosts. Consuming one will double the amount of experience points a trainer earns from all actions for 30 minutes. This timer counts down whether or not the player is online, so be sure to maximize your actions when you have one active. Lucky Eggs are obtained by either purchasing them through in-game transactions or as a reward when reaching certain experience levels.

To make the most of your 30 minutes of Pokemon GO Lucky Egg time, many players suggest using it when evolving Pokemon.

?You can fit around 60-65 evolution animations in 30 minutes, so the maximum amount of experience you can get from a lucky egg is a little over 60k. If you save up your evolutions until you have 65, you will always maximise your lucky egg experience,? user LastSasquatch on the?Pokemon GO subreddit explained.

To further maximize this short of window time, he also suggests shifting your Pokedex into favorites mode to quickly scroll through your roster.

?I favourite all Pok?mon to be evolved, then sort by favourite, and then after evolving a Pokemon I tap its star again to unfavourite just before clicking away from the post-evolution screen (which takes a negligible amount of time). That way the Pokemon that need evolving are always at the top of the list.?

Another great suggestion comes from Lastminuteguy on The Silproad. Players get 1000XP every time they hatch an egg, plus an additional 500XP if that Pokemon isn?t in your Pokedex. ?So the tip is, activate your lucky egg when you have three or more eggs on the brink of hatching,? Lastminuteguy said.

What other tips and tricks have you discovered? Let us know your thoughts on Pokemon GO Lucky Eggs in the comments below.

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