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Pokemon GO Lucky Egg: Calculator To Maximize Candies For Evolutions

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Pokemon GO

Getting XP in Pokemon GO can be a bit tricky, but one of the easiest ways to level up quickly is through the Lucky Egg. Unlike a typical Pokemon Egg, this item doubles the XP players get for 30 minutes, but acquiring another one can be difficult. Some players have used them right away to little effect, but one fan may have found a solution.

This Reddit user has made a Pidgey Calculator that can determine when a player should evolve their weaker Pokemon and use the Lucky Egg. This process involves calculating the amount of weaker Pokemon caught, along with the candies they have. These weaker Pokemon usually include Pidgey, Rattata and Weedle, to name a few, since they aren’t too strong and are really easy to encounter in the game.

Lucky Eggs are scarce, so players have to be careful when using them. Very few items have the same effects as the Lucky Egg, and mobile users have to be resourceful when using them so they can get the most out of the rare item.

Players get XP when their Pokemon evolve in Pokemon GO, so it would be wise for the mobile user to use the Lucky Egg when they have multiple monsters that can evolve right away. The Lucky Egg doubles the XP the player normally gets, so one can imagine how much XP they will get when they evolve a number of Pokemon right after the item has been used.

The Lucky Egg.

Using the Pidgey calculator makes it easier to decide whether or not to use the Lucky Egg, since it determines how much XP the player will get when the item is activated. It’s a pretty useful link and something players of the game should consider using.

It’s probably the best way to use the weaker Pokemon, since they aren’t exactly fit for gym battles until they evolve into their more powerful forms. Players have to make sure they have enough candy for the evolution process before using the Lucky Egg, especially since some of these Pokemon have three evolution forms.

Pokemon GO is now available in select countries but isn’t ready for a worldwide release yet. The mobile title is available on Android and Apple devices.

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