Pokemon GO’s Popularity Plummeting; Find Out Why

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While mobile games come and go, it is said to be that if you get something fairly easily, you?ll get to lose it the same way too. Pokemon Go is starting to lose its popularity and even its massive number of players.

The game was released in July, and it caused an outbreak where people walks the earth for nothing but Pokemon.

According to ACM, Pokemon Go is losing its throne on the battle for mobile games. It is however, a good thing for other apps like Twitter, Facebook , Tinder, and Instagram because of how people forgot using other apps by playing Pokemon Go

As Pokemon Go blew all other apps available on respective apps stores, that resulted in reduced of time spent on other mobile applications. The game had an enormous increase of users and even caused a massive change on people?s daily lives.

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Experts are expecting this outcome, the huge popularity, and player base will increase in a short amount of time but will set it aside once they?ve tried it briefly. There is no current official calculation of how many players Pokemon Go lost.

However, it is estimated to be more than 10 million users have stopped playing the game since the middle of July. It is said to be that Pokemon Go?s engagement, time spent and downloads per day are also declining too.

One of the alleged reasons this matter is that Niantic Labs removed one of the important features of the game, namely the Nearby feature. Players were able to look at a list of Pokemon that can be found somewhere near the players and be able to provide the exact distance.

Google Trends? data proved that the interest for the augmented reality games is reduced drastically, but the virtual reality remained high.

Pokemon Go has also managed to beat the usage of Twitter in U.S according to an Android app usage analysis. However, nobody knows how long can Pokemon Go endure these matter, as it would greatly impact the investors of the game.

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