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Pokemon GO Locator: Make Your Own Map To Find Pokemon Spawns

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Pokemon GO

Niantic recently released an update and shut down third party applications such as PokeVision and other Pokemon GO locators. Those looking for an alternative to these apps even after the latest 0.31.0 update can make their own map to locate Pokemon spawns. The map works perfectly even if you have updated your app.

Step 1:

The process to make your own Pokemon GO locator only takes a few minutes. Start by creating an account with Pokemon GO. It?s alright if you don?t use an account that is already connected to the game. It will help you keep your main Pokemon account secure in case Niantic cracks down this method, just like it did with PokeVision and PokeMap.

Step 2:

After creating a new account, just open the link and look for the ?Deploy to Jelastic? option. Here you?ll deploy the Pokemon GO map to the server. After successful configuration, your maps will be available on the server. Now you?ll need to create an account on Jelastic by completing the registration form.

Step 3:

After registration, you?ll be required to configure the map by providing your new Pokemon GO account details which you just created. Your server will now update the details you?ve provided, and after successful submission, you?ll be able to see the map.

Step 4:

To locate Pokemon spawns on the map, you will need to add your server location. By using this link, you can configure the URL of your server to see Pokemon on the map. In case your map still lacks Pokemon spawn locations, just click on the ?Option? and turn on the options available in the menu. You?ll be able ?to see the Gym locations, Pokemon spawns, and PokeStop locations.

Players can share their map URL with anyone to let others know about the available Pokemon in their area. On a Reddit thread, many players have supported the idea and have successfully found Pokemon spawns.

However, players should note that such practice might get their accounts banned. With the latest Pokemon GO update, Niantic has already shut down many third party apps.

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