Pokemon GO Locations Update: Sponsored Locations Soon to be Released

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Pokemon GO

Niantic will reportedly be launching ?sponsored Pok?mon GO locations? in the near future. This killer move will allow restaurants, retailers and other such businesses to make good use of the gaming app?s popularity.

As of today, the AR-based Pok?mon GO has reached?the U.K., while it debuted in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand just over a week ago. This game has taken the?augmented reality versus virtual reality fight to a whole new level.

With this game, the real world and virtual world get mixed up to deliver a roller-coaster of a gaming experience like never-before. Weird-but-interesting colorful creatures and animals appear out of nowhere based on the location data, and the ultimate goal is to catch them all.

The Pok?mon GO game makes use of the player?s?mobile GPS feature to show a virtual world on the screen, which is nothing but a replica of the real world. The only difference is the virtual world is inhabited by a slew of Pok?mon creatures. Gamers can navigate from place to place in the real world in order to capture Pok?mon creatures from various locations.

Portal?Campaign Live says as a first step, Niantic is going to allow “retailers? and ?restaurants” to spring up as sponsored Pok?mon GO locations. As you would have already guessed, this company will be charging a fee from those businesses. This will help the company monetize the free-to-play gaming app, which is now available as a free-download for Android and iOS handsets. Plus, it is expected to hit the Windows smartphones soon.

In any case, the monetization model is not new to Niantic, as the company used sponsored locations in another famous gaming app ?Ingress.? Ingress is also location-based like Pok?mon GO.

Pokemon GO

So when will the sponsored Pok?mon GO locations go live? Niantic CEO John Hanke reportedly noted in an interview that there is no plan to introduce such a feature immediately. Nevertheless, the monetization and advertising opportunity in this particular game is surplus.

Meanwhile,?Wired says some small business enterprises are trying to milk the popularity of Pok?mon GO to make some money. This is apparently achieved by a gaming feature called ?Lures.? As the name implies, this feature helps bait Pok?mon to the gamers? locality. Niantic apparently added this feature for those players who would not like to leave the comforts of their couch.

It is worth noting that the Pok?mon GO app has?already trumped Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram to take the top spot in the app store.


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